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This website is about to close down after approximately 16 years.

The immediate main reason is that our house is sold and moving is a thoroughly time consuming operation.

As soon as we are settled down in the new location, we will be taking an extended vacation and updating a website is not always an easy thing
to do in remote locations.

But the real motivation for my saying farewell is that motoring today is so far removed from that which I have experienced over the years,
that I no longer have any interest in it.

I'm not slightly interested in a car with no steering wheel or brake pedal, going where I want, but not in a manner that leaves with any enjoyment of the journey.

My Automobile World consists of Nuvolari, Fangio, Jim Clark and Bruce McLaren, not a bunch of mini engined F1 cars with 600 pounds of highly combustible
batteries on board and 50 control options on the steering wheel.

I've lost all interest in a motoring world of speed cameras and automobiles that are nothing more then i phones with wheels.
In a world that hates cars and does everything it can to discourage them and is bound and determined to render their use as inconvenient as possible.

The only bright spot in all this circumstance is that electric cars and their attendant left wing, tree hugger status has not and will not be embraced by the
huge, practical and silent majority of motorists.

16 years ago, I started off telling you that GM would go bankrupt if it did not stop its practice of producing low cost unreliable junk and sure enough,
without a 70 billion dollar transfusion of Obamaid, it would have stayed as a failed organisation.

Similarly, I'm telling you today that Tesla will fail, very badly, but I don't have enough time to wait around and watch this slow motion train

Instead, I'm  going to keep my old Porsche as long as I possibly can and I will drive it around on country roads and try to imagine, even for a few moments,
that the world has rotated back through 50 years and driving is actually fun again.

For the most part, I feel sorry for my grandsons who will not experience any of the pleasure that I have wrought over the years driving thousands of
different cars and fixing a lot of them.

I wish anyone reading this whatever happy motoring you can glean from the over regulated world we live in.

Go "Safety Fast" and note that I will always - well hopefully for a long time yet - be available by e-mail or facebook page.

Phil Bailey