April 11th 2014 Issue # 724

The Baileyblog:

"Breaking in" a new car. 

Picture of the week.

Why would you need five of these?

The TESLA file.

So much opinon, so little substance.
A continuing collection of articles on both sides of the issue:
Is Tesla the next BreX?
The tip of the iceberg:
An unhappy Tesla Model S owner wants his money back

The REAL cost of leasing a Tesla
- more "pea under the cup" accounting from Elon Musk.

Twenty solid reasons why Tesla will fail.

Tesla's Gigafactory Is Becoming A Gigafarce.

Tesla's real stock value? $67 - here are the numbers.

hat Was The Week That Was

2015 Honda Fit: More comfortable but not so roadworthy.

2015 MINI Cooper S: It's bigger - but is it better?


A comprehensive guide to new (or nearly new) car buying.

2014 Kia Soul:
This overweight Soul Train is still stuck in a siding.

The second oldest Rolls Royce that still exists.


(Who screwed up and when.)

BMW: More engine bolt failures.
VW to dealers: STOP selling cars - for now.
Toyota: A half million in Canada alone.
Ford: Can't ESCAPE from rusty frame problem.
Wierd stuff: Mazda has a spider in its fuel tank.
Chrysler brake vacuum boosters.
Chrysler headlight failures.
Fiat transmission failures.
No traction for Toyotas.
Prius software problems : Again!!
GM Ignition swiches that turn themselves off.
That's nasty: Chrysler vans with sticking gas pedals.

Too clever for their own good;
2014 Chevrolet Silverados and GMC Sierras
setting on fire while idling.

A whole bunch of TSBs.
Volvo: Oil sensors fail to warn of low pressure.
Acura RLX rear suspension problems.
Ford Ecoboost turbo engines: Cracked cylinder heads.
Kia Sedona: Rusty control arms.
1.2 Million Rams and Jeeps with electronic problems.
BMW: Power brake failures.
Burning doors, clutch failures and fuel leaks
Nissan: Anti lock brakes get confused on rough roads.
GM: Some really serious 4 cylinder engine problems.
Toyota: Air bags may deploy without warning.
Toyota: Windshield wiper switches defective.
GM  pick up trucks - Try not to get hit from behind!
Chevrolet Sonic. Fuel tanks falling off!!
Chrysler: Instrument panel blackouts.
BMW brake failures: No solution found as yet.
Mazdas' open door policy.
Toyota: Shifter problems.
BMWs have no tail lights.
Toyota: Second recall for the same problem.
Honda: Serious engine problem.
Volvo has software glitch that drains battery.
Toyota: Hybrids and loose bolts.
Nissan Note: Loose bolts.
Ford Focus lights

Recalls & TSBs updated as of April 2014


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