July 18th 2014 Issue # 738

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Pictures of the week.

It's not just kids and animals!

The TESLA file.

So much opinion, so little substance.
A continuing collection of articles on both sides of the issue:
Is Tesla the next BreX?
China  makes life difficult for Tesla.
Tesla coughs up under Lemon Law.

Cost of changing Tesla power trains? $15,000 a time.

Quality issues at Tesla - changing power trains at a remarkable rate!

hat Was The Week That Was

The Smart car: One last chance.


Cars that might have been winners, but failed, somehow.

That big battery breakthrough EV lovers talk about just isn't happening.

Audi 2015 A8 Is a 868-Mile-Range Tesla-Killer,
and Diesel Is the Secret

Used cars gaining in value.

Average Car On The Road Getting Older, But For The Right Reasons

Festival of the Unexceptional - A celebration of the ordinary older car.


(Who screwed up and when.)

Kia Soul steering, Sonata wiring, Mercedes air bags.
Fords burning oil and a whole host of other TSBs.
Chrysler: Vanity comes before a fire.
Ford: Fiesta fuel leaks and mutiple drive shaft problems.
Subaru: Rusting brake and fuel lines.
Ford F150 power steering problem.
Chrysler: The cruise control that goes on and on and on.
Ford: Floor mats and rusty licence paltes.
Chevrolet Aveo: Never good, now worse.
GM: Another 2.4 milion with faulty brake lamp wiring.
GM: Malibu auto stop/start defects.
Chryler: Minivan window switches setting on fire.
GM: Wrong rotors on the wrong end of the car.
GM: Faulty fuel gauges.
Cadillacs shifting badly.
Mercedes: Don't look now, but your ass is on fire!
BMW: More engine bolt failures.
VW to dealers: STOP selling cars - for now.
Toyota: A half million in Canada alone.
Ford: Can't ESCAPE from rusty frame problem.
Weird stuff: Mazda has a spider in its fuel tank.
Chrysler brake vacuum boosters.
Chrysler headlight failures.
Fiat transmission failures.
No traction for Toyotas.
Prius software problems : Again!!
GM Ignition switches that turn themselves off.
That's nasty: Chrysler vans with sticking gas pedals.
Too clever for their own good;
2014 Chevrolet Silverados and GMC Sierras
setting on fire while idling.
A whole bunch of TSBs.
Volvo: Oil sensors fail to warn of low pressure.
Acura RLX rear suspension problems.
Ford Ecoboost turbo engines: Cracked cylinder heads.
Kia Sedona: Rusty control arms.
1.2 Million Rams and Jeeps with electronic problems.
BMW: Power brake failures.
Burning doors, clutch failures and fuel leaks
Nissan: Anti lock brakes get confused on rough roads.
GM: Some really serious 4 cylinder engine problems.
Toyota: Air bags may deploy without warning.
Toyota: Windshield wiper switches defective.
GM  pick up trucks - Try not to get hit from behind!

Recalls & TSBs updated as of July 2014


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