December 19th 2014 Issue # 758

 The Baileyblog:

Many a true word spoken in jest.

Picture of the week.

Christmas came early for this lady driver!

hat Was The Week That Was

It's kind of hard to beat gasoline for public and environmental health.

Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder - even if it's mostly for battery cars.

Toyota should hope that Prius-curious shoppers don’t pull out a calculator.

Alfa Romeo 4C - A Dodge Dart in drag - or is it better than its' individual parts?

The 2015 Audi A3 Prestige 2.0 TDI sedan is  light, but strong and tightly hewn;
small, powerful, economical and luxurious.


How many cars has Tesla sold? Actually?

The albatross of obsolete battery technology
Tesla is hiding the true cost of its charging stations.


(Who screwed up and when.)

Dodge Ram pick ups: Seized rear axles, wheels locking up.
Nissan SUV fuel leaks.
Hyundai Genesis brake lights.
GM: Low beam headlight failures.
Lexus fuel leaks.
VW rear supension failures.
Ford fuel leaks.
VW Beetles and Jettas-rear supnsion arms.
Chrysler Corp: Serious alternator problems.  Rear view mirros setting on fire.
Nissan Altima hoods flying open without warning.
GM: Wiring problms and overheating fuel pumps.
GM: Hoods that fly open on their own.
Ford: Turbochargers.
Ford: Broken axles.
Sonata a joke - it's a  shifter cable.
Incomplete welds on seat brackets, turn signal failures,
power steering failures, loose suspension bolts
and faulty roof rack bolts.
Kia Soul steering, Sonata wiring, Mercedes air bags.
Fords burning oil and a whole host of other TSBs.
Chrysler: Vanity comes before a fire.
Ford: Fiesta fuel leaks and multiple drive shaft problems.
Subaru: Rusting brake and fuel lines.
Ford F150 power steering problem.

Recalls & TSBs updated as of December 2014


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