August 29th 2014 Issue # 744

The Baileyblog:

And they want us to believe that self driving cars will be totally reliable?
Not going to happen.

Picture of the week.

The family that drives together, stays together.

The TESLA file.

What's Tesla stock really worth? $412 or $36?

Tesla Is Playing You (And Me and Everyone it can.)

Consumer Reports changes its mind about the Tesla.

Quality issues with Model S continue to haunt its reputation.

Tesla is a company that Wall Street has dramatically overbought
and it has a very dangerous volatility.

hat Was The Week That Was

Electric cars are the surprise villains of traffic congestion.

It's time to settle the issue:
Are electric cars more economical than gasoline powered cars?

Still ugly after all these years.
10 cars that are lumpy and frumpy.

This collector car craze is getting completely out of hand.

$181,000 for a MINI.


(Who screwed up and when.)

Ford: Turbochargers.
Ford: Broken axles.
Sonata a joke - it's a  shifter cable.
Incomplete welds on seat brackets, turn signal failures,
power steering failures, loose suspension bolts
and faulty roof rack bolts.
Kia Soul steering, Sonata wiring, Mercedes air bags.
Fords burning oil and a whole host of other TSBs.
Chrysler: Vanity comes before a fire.
Ford: Fiesta fuel leaks and multiple drive shaft problems.
Subaru: Rusting brake and fuel lines.
Ford F150 power steering problem.
Chrysler: The cruise control that goes on and on and on.
Ford: Floor mats and rusty licence paltes.
Chevrolet Aveo: Never good, now worse.
GM: Another 2.4 milion with faulty brake lamp wiring.
GM: Malibu auto stop/start defects.
Chryler: Minivan window switches setting on fire.
GM: Wrong rotors on the wrong end of the car.
GM: Faulty fuel gauges.
Cadillacs shifting badly.
Mercedes: Don't look now, but your ass is on fire!
BMW: More engine bolt failures.
VW to dealers: STOP selling cars - for now.
Toyota: A half million in Canada alone.
Ford: Can't ESCAPE from rusty frame problem.
Weird stuff: Mazda has a spider in its fuel tank.
Chrysler brake vacuum boosters.

Recalls & TSBs updated as of August  2014


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